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Some active ingredients

     DRAGO-OAT-ACTIVE — is an oat extract with improved effectiveness obtained by the extraction and processes of multiple purification. The oat possesses clearly expressed   antipruritic, soothing and anti-inflammatory features. Active components of oat are: polyphenols, avenaceines, flavonoides, prolamines - proteins, B-glucan, protein. This component substantially reduces reddening of the skin caused by UV radiation. It is used in sunblock preparations, cosmetics for sensitive skin and anti-age preparations.

     AHA (Alpha-hydroxy acids) hydroxide or fruit acids. Their action is based on the effect of chemical peeling. Stimulates the process of regeneration of skin cells. Perfectly retains moisture.

     Anti-cellulite Complex contains  the extract of butcher's-broom (Ruscus aculeatus angustifolius), which action improves the metabolism and activates the processes of clearing the tissues from the wastes, the extract of guarana  contains a lot of caffeine, organic iodine, saponin, which together with lemon essence intensify the metabolism of skin cells and normalize water and lipid exchange.

     Allantoin  has a strong regenerating and healing effect. Has a softening effect and rpomotes cells regeneration.

     Vitamin А or retinol and its ethers. Facilitates cells regeneration, stimulates the activity of sebaceous glands and helps to remove skin fat from sebaceous canals.

     Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Facilitates in creation of intercellular colloidal substances, such as collagens. It is an anti-infectious immuno-stimulating factor. Helps in increasing the respiration of the skin, has a bleaching and regenerating effect.

     Vitamin E or tocopherol and its ethers. It is found in the wheat germs oil, sunflower, soy, and sea-buckthorn oils. Stabilizes cells membranes making them less accessible for harmful substances and radicals. Has powerful anti-radical and antioxidant effects. It is necessary for an effective absorption of oxygen by the tissues, helps to retain vitamin A in the body.

     Vitamin Р or a complex of ethers of poly-unsaturated fatty acids. Not synthesized in the human organism. This vitamin regulates lipid metabolism. The deficiency of this vitamin causes covering of the skin with crusts, its peeling, developing of eczemas, discontinuance of hair growth.

     Vitamin Н or biotin. Participates in lipid metabolism, has an active anti-seborrhea effect.

     Vitasomes — a new generation of liposomes, created due to the synthesis of the newest biotechnologies and scientific achievements in the field of gerontocosmetology. Instead of the classic structure of a liposome ball, vitasomes have completely different structure and geometry. Made under a special patented technology, vitasomes represent a double membrane shell filled with bioactive ingredients. They easily penetrate through the outer horny layer of the skin by a flexible and reversible deformation of the form. Influenced by the intracellular medium in the lower layers of the skin vitasomes open and deliver the necessary nourishment and active regenerating elements to the fading skin.

     Beeswax has a softening effect on the skin. The skin obtains an agreeable softness and velvet.

     Aloe Vera Gel it is a source of mineral salts, flavonoids and vitamins. Has a perfect healing, regenerating, stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect.

     Hyaluronic acid is one of the most effective water-retaining agents. Cosmetic preparations containing hyaluronic acid adsorb the moisture from the air and retain it in the horny layer  causing a lifting effect (tightening and smoothing the skin).

     Mineral Clay or kaolin has softening, extracting, adsorbing, regenerating and moisturizing effects. It is especially good for restoration of the face oval, strengthening of muscles and soothing an extra-sensitive skin.

     Jojoba Wax Granules thanks  to the closeness of chemical composition of human skin lipids  and jojoba oil (wax) the latter easily penetrates through the lipid barrier and is easily absorbed by the skin without causing any allergic reactions. Micro-granules of the jojoba wax are obtained by hydrogenation of pure jojoba wax. They retain all the unique properties of the original jojoba oil, but are more hard and possess a higher melting temperature, combining the softness of the cream and cleansing properties of  the scrub.

     Birch Tar is a product of airless distillation of the birch bark. It represents a mixture of different phenols and aromatic hydrocarbons. Facilitates  normalizing of epidermis. Has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, drying and antipruritic effects on chronic inflammatory nonsuppurative processes. It is successfully used on seborrhea, seborrheic eczema, psoriasis (especially of the scalp), dandruff, itching and hair falling-out.

     Camphor has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Causes the intensification of the respiratory and metabolic processes of the skin cells.

     Vegetable Collagen 70% of connective tissues consist of collagen. Collagen is soluble in the young skin as it represents a two-dimensional substance with high mobility of its molecules. When the skin gets older, collagen becomes “insoluble”, i.e. in the result of the adhesion of molecules there appear elastic-free three-dimensional collagen fibrils having lost the ability to attract and retain water. The ratio between “soluble” and “insoluble” collagens is the main characteristic of the skin aging (and determines the depth of wrinkles).

     Coenzyme Plus complex consists of a complex of enzymes (superoxide dismutase, lactoperoxidase, lactoferrin). Has a strong antiradical and neutralizing effect on the UV-radiation, effectively restores the skin, reduces wrinkles size.

     Complex of Vegetable Ceramides, glucosphingolipids — a lipoid complex of Phytosphingosides, polyunsaturated fatty acids and glucides. They were for the first time isolated from cerebrospinal fluid. Now they are obtained from plants. They are necessary components of cells membranes, having regenerating, strengthening and moisturizing effects (anti-aging of skin and strengthening of the hair stems). Facilitates in the prolongation of other bioactive substances.

     Complex Regulating the Function of Sebaceous Glands  contains an active concentrate, isolated from the pulp of Fomes officinalis fungus, which narrows down skin pores, reduces the secretion of sebaceous glands without drying the skin and supporting the necessary level of moisture, increases the resilience of the skin.

     Liposome Complex — microscopic hollow balls. Their walls consist of phospholipids (lecithin) that the structure is close to cell membranes of the horny layer. It is saturated with  vitamins complex, phospholipids, aminoacids. Penetrates deep into the skin. Has directional moisturizing, regenerating and nourishing effects. Improves the skin trophism, diminishes wrinkles depth. Restores elasticity of the skin.

     Avocado Oil contains a whole complex of nourishing and moisturizing substances and vitamins, responsible for the normalization of metabolism processes of the skin. Having an excellent penetrating capability it is suitable for fading, wrinkled skin, the skin with reduced moisture content or sensitive one.

     Jojoba Oil  stimulates regeneration processes, has healing and anti-inflammatory effects. It is suitable for dry and normal, as well as for sensitive skin. Soften and protect the skin.

     Cacao Oil is obtained by hot pressing peeled cacao beans. It has protective and nourishing effects on the skin, especially in low temperature conditions.

     Coconut Oil is produced by hot pressing of coconut cores. Due to high ethers content of biologically valuable fatty acids it is an important ingredient for nourishing creams. Perfectly softens and nourishes the dry skin.

     Macadamia Oil (Australian macadamia tree "Macadamia ternifolia"). Provides the skin with polyunsaturated acids and lipids necessary for harmonization of the respiration, exchange, protection and restoration of  energetic reserve of the skin.

     Shea Oil the shea oil components such as unsaponifiable fats have a regenerating effect influencing the collagen synthesis. Besides, they have UV-filter properties. Triglycerides, comprising indispensable fatty acids, have a plasticizing effect and influence the barrier properties of the skin.

     Manuka Essence is produced from the leaves of Lustospermum scoparium bush of myrtle family. It stimulates the exchange and respiratory processes in faded skin. This is the only essence with gerontological effect. Has a strengthening effect on the capillary network of blood vessels, restores their elasticity and removes sediments.

     Verbena Essence has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and soothing effects.

     Lawanda essence has bleaching, anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and soothing effects, improves blood circulation. Is recommended for all kinds of acnes, freckles, eczema, burns, hair falling out, dandruff.

     Rosemary Essence has analgesic, antiseptic, astringent, stimulating blood circulation, tonic effects. It rejuvenates the skin, prevents alopecia and dandruff. Is recommended for a fading skin, cellulites, acnes, dermatitis, oily skin.

Tea Tree Essence has a great potential. It stimulates the immune system, is a safe, natural and highly effective antiseptic of the future. Has a strong antiviral and antibacterial effect. Psoriasis, furuncles, herpes simplex, cracked skin — this is only incomplete enumeration of the problems that can be cured by this wonderful essence.

     Menthol has a soothing, antiseptic, and cooling effect, it also tones up the skin.

     Provitamin B5  or D-panthenol. Activates healing processes, contributes to cells growing. Has a regenerating effect for all kinds of affections — cracks, dermatitis, burns, etc.

     Acne Complex contains aminoacids, yeast extract, chestnut extract, a complex of vitamins B7, H, and B5, caffeine, zinc gluconate. Regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, has anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, improving metabolic processes effects.

     Strawberry Fruitapone represents a mixture of strawberry juice concentrate with bisabolol. Contains fructose, organic acids (malic, citric, oxalic, chinic, succinic,   salicylic acids), vitamin С,  folic acid, vitamin Е, microelements, carotin. It supports the physiological balance of hair roots and hair skin, revitalizes and tones up the hair, adds luxuriance and natural luster to thin hair.

     Black Currant Fruitapone  represents a mixture of black currant juice concentrate with bisabolol. Black currant contains sugars, organic acids, pectic, tanning, nitrous substances, essential oils, phenol compounds, microelements, ascorbic acid, carotin, B group vitamins.  Has refreshing, anti-inflammatory, tonic effects.

     Apple Fruitapone represents a mixture of apple juice concentrate with bisabolol. Apples contain glucose, fructose, organic acids, tannin, pectines, phytoncids, essential oils, mineral salts, microelements. Apple fruitapone has strong nourishing, moisturizing, vitaminizing, softening, tonic effects.

     Chitosan possesses wonderful moisturizing properties. It assists in normalizing of microvessels beds.

     Pineapple Extract contains sugars, enzymes, organic acids, carotinoids, B group vitamins. It has a unique exfoliant effect, smoothes and prevents the appearance of new wrinkles. Intensifies the metabolic processes in cells, normalizes secretory activity of sebaceous glands.

     Sweetflag Extract contains essential oils, bitter glycoside acorin, tannins, alkaloid calamine, phytoncids, tars, gum, starch, vitamin С. It has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects.

     Ghingho Biloba Extract is produced from the leaves of a tropical tree growing in South America (one of the most ancient plants on the planet). It has a strong antiradical and immuno-stimulating effect. Regulates the activity of sebaceous glands.

     John's-wood Extract contains tannins, flavonoids, tars, a complex of vitamins, microelements. Has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. It is recommended for irritated and inflamed skin.

     Green Tea Extract intensifies blood circulation and the process of oxygen delivery to  the cells, reduces the vascular permeability making the vessels less fragile, has strong water-retaining and antiradical effects. It is an effective preparation against premature skin aging, inflammatory processes, harmful influence of ultraviolet rays.

     Calendula Extract has wound healing, tonic and anti-inflammatory effects. Is an effective preparation for treatment of seborrhea, acnes and inflammations.

     Coffee Extract has an effective tonic and health-improving action, activates  metabolic processes which makes the hair look healthy and well-attended.

     Nettle Extract contains chlorophyll, tannins, organic acids, mineral salts, vitamins (C, K, carotin). It has astringent, antiseptic and deodorizing effects. Intensifies the blood flow.

     Papaya Extract contains a vegetable ferment — papain, which absorbs dead cells and biological "pollutions" of the horny layer. It breaks protein chains into links of different sizes depending on the duration of the influence thus diminishing wrinkles depth.

     Coltsfoot Extract contains flavonoids, organic acids, tannins, saponins, essential oil, polysaccharides, vitamin С, carotenoids, microelements. It  has anti-inflammatory, emollient, and healing effects. Has a beneficial effect on the hair. Reduces its falling out, removes dandruff and itching.

     Protein Extract  from Wheat Sprouts contains a complex of indispensable aminoacids being a source for collagen synthesis and are essential for enzyms activity. They are important components of the natural moisturizing factor.

     Camomile Extract contains essential oils, organic acids, flavonoides, vitamins, microelements. Possesses an antiseptic, soothing, and anti-inflammatory action. Removes edemas.

     Rooibos Extract is rich in mineral substances, contains ascorbic acid, volatile components and phenic acid due to which it has its antimicrobial properties. Rooibos extract has the ability to eliminate free radicals, rejuvenating and soothing effects. Thanks to its properties it is recommended as an active component for care preparations of the aging, sensitive, irritated and susceptible to allergic manifestations skin, as well as for the care preparations of irritated and sensitive head skin. It is also used in baby cosmetics.

     Horsetail Extract contains saponin, silicic  acid, organic acids (aconitic, linoleic, oxalic, malic), and flavonoids. Possesses bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects.

     Celandine Extract has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic and soothing effects. It is used in cosmetology as an anti-inflammatory and regenerating component.

     Sage extract contains essential oils, alkaloids, flavonoids, phytoncides,  ursolic, oleanolic and chlorogenic acids, vitamins Р and РР, mineral salts. Has disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effects.

     Rosehip Extract contains organic acids, a complex of vitamins (mostly in quantity С and E vitamins), microelements, pectic and tanning agents, flavonoides. It nourishes, stimulates, and restores the skin. A natural vitamin factor for your skin.

     Bamboo Extracpon contains polysaccharides, organic acids, mineral salts, vitamins, and aminoacids. Protect the skin against water loss.

     Milk Extrapon contains proteins, lactose, aminoacids, saccharides. Has good moisturizing, regenerating and restoring effects on the hair structure, giving it silky luster, elasticity and luxuriance.

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