About a company

The first cosmetics were produced by Belkosmex in 1995. Since this time these excellent cosmetic products for  face, body and hair care could be appreciated by women not only in Belarus, but also in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Baltic states, Kazakhstan, Germany and USA.

Combining the newest achievements in the field of cosmetology with traditional, time-tested folk recipes, Belkosmex produces the cosmetics which satisfy the demands even of the most exigent representatives of the fair sex.


It becomes possible thanks to, first of all, strict multistage quality control system of the manufactured products. The formula of any cosmetic product made by our company should be approved by the Ministry of Health, and the product itself undergoes a complex of toxicological and hygienic tests. Then the cosmetic preparation is subjected to  a certification test in the Republican Institute of Hygiene. In case of serial production each batch is  subject to acceptance tests in the  own laboratory of the company. Furthermore, our cosmetic products undergo  regular independent  tests in the laboratories of the Republican Institute of Hygiene and State Standard.


Secondly, to approve the high quality of our products, Belkosmex has been performing a reorganization of its production for the compliance with GMP Standard. This international standard is used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors and it is more strict than the ISO standard.


Thirdly, we use only ecologically clean and safe European raw materials  of the well-known good standing companies, such as Symrise (Germany), ISP (Switzerland), Basf (Germany), Clariant (Germany), Cognis (France). All cosmetic ingredients are subject to obligatory tests in the Bodies of sanitary inspection  of Belarus.

We always prefer to use natural components: vegetable and essential oils, medicinal herbs extracts, apiculture products, fruit acids. We principally never use raw materials of animal nature and steroid preparations, therefore  all our preparations conform to the international requirements.


The competition in the cosmetics market makes us constantly move forward. Trying to keep pace with the latest beauty trends we  improve the quality of the manufactured products and renew its range (now it numbers more than 150 items), widen the product markets.

Day after day we create the cosmetics which meets the world  requirements and lives up to the expectations of women who aspire to look attractive and well-attended. The cosmetics of our brand  helps the woman feel splendid from fingerprints to hair ends!